Paul Atkenson, M.D.
on Superpath Hip Replacement

Dr Paul Atkenson, M. D. "Superpath hip replacement is a cutting edge procedure that by virtue of its tissue sparing nature results in far less post operative pain, far more rapid recovery and no postoperative restrictions. Unlike other minimally invasive surgical approaches, Superpath does not restrict implant choice or compromise surgical exposure. It avoids unnatural twisting or strained positions and preserves the hip joint capsule dramatically lessening the chance of post operative complications such as dislocation or venous thrombosis. Working with my brother Dr. Robert Atkenson, a board certified orthopedic surgeon gives us a distinct advantage over other orthopedic practices. Our patients are on their feet wlaking within 3-4 hours following surgery and discharged from the hospital the same day or within 24 hours." Dr. Paul Atkenson Dr. Paul Atkenson, M.D. is a board certified orthopedic surgeon from Orland Park, Il who together with his brother, Dr. Robert Atkenson, specialize in minimally invasive hip and knee replacement. He has extensive experience with all surgical approaches to the hip. Dr. Paul Atkenson graduated with high honors and a degree in mathematics on an academic scholarship from Wabash College and went on to receive his medical doctorate and post graduate orthopedic residency from the University of Illinois. He and his brother are the first in Illinois to perform this procedure.