SuperPath Hip Replacement

The most innovative and least invasive of all techniques of hip replacement. No muscles or tendons are cut. The hip capsule is preserved. This results in faster recovery, dramatically less pain, lower incidence of complications and an improved ultimate functional result.

Working with my brother, who is also a board certified surgeon experienced in the technique, gives us a unique advantage over other orthopedic practices. Patients from Massachussets to Nevada have come to us to have their hip replacements performed.





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The mission of our practice is to provide the highest quality orthopedic care available...anywhere. Our specialties include minimally invasive superpath hip and knee replacement, and advanced arthroscopic surgery including arthroscopic rotator cuff repair and arthroscopic acl reconstruction.

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Dean Carlson

You can not go to a better surgeon for hip replacement than Dr. Atkenson. My surgery could not have gone better. Left the hospital the next day with a walker. Walked without assistance by day seven. Taught a four hour class by day fourteen. Dr. Atkenson is a kind man who is very professional and caring. He is also the best surgeon in the country for hip replacement.

Frank Brescia

Once I found out I needed a total hip replacement, my research began. I am so thankful I found and chose Dr. Atkenson to do my Super Path surgery. He is a truly sincere, man. A brilliant and caring surgeon. From the first day I met Dr. Atkenson,I knew he was a special person ! Thank you Dr. Atkenson.

Carol Kooienga

Dr. Robert Atkenson is a caring, patient and dedicated surgeon. My husband was very pleased when Dr. Atkenson performed his total knee replacement several years ago. I am 75 years old, and when I began to have issues with my hip Dr. Atkenson helped me also. We started with exercises, therapy and lastly injections, but I still had pain. The decision was made to have Super Path total hip replacement surgery. Dr. Atkenson explained the procedure in detail and answered every question I had at the time. There was no hesitation in my mind when it was time for hip surgery. The surgery was a total success. I returned to my room and I was walking with a walker 3 hours after my surgery. My recovery time at home was very quick, allowing me to resume my usual activities and a level of independence sooner than I thought. I would recommend Super Path Hip Replacement to anyone in need of hip replacement surgery.

Greg Crosley

The way I describe Dr. Atkenson to people is that you know your going to like him as soon as he walks into the room. In the near 20 years he's been my orthopedic surgeon he's done several orthoscopic surgeries for me, has treated me for back, knee, shoulder and ankle issues and recently has done a full left knee replacement for me. It's fascinating the great job he's done on my new knee. Brilliant job!!! I'm so excited to be pain free finally after so long is a wonderful feeling. I've referred several acquaintences to Dr. Atkenson for their needs and they've been happy with their experience as well. I would not hesitated to refer anyone to Dr. Atkenson. He is such a brilliant orthopedic surgeon. In less than six months from my full left knee replacement I am already scheduled for next week to have my right knee replaced with Dr. Atkenson. I am looking forward to a similar outcome

ed sarsfield

Dr Atkenson was very thorough and took the time to answer all my questions and my family's questions. He started by recommending simple things but eventually I required surgery. He explained the operation to me and my family by showing me his website videos while explaining in laymens terms what needed to be done.. After my knee operation I feel new again! I highly recommend him to everyone I know who has any orthopedic problem. He is dedicated to his profession..

Cheri Madkins

I meet Dr. Atkenson in 2009 and I was like a robot that was brook up in a hundred pieces. Dr. Atkenson came along and put my shoulder, knee and left ankle together with no problem. I was so happy that I was refer to him I will rate 500% and will refer his service to everyone that I know. Dr.Atkenson is describe as follow:

D=Dedication to Orthopedic Surgeon

R=Reliable for you to trust your life in his hands to perform miracle that no other Doctor can perform

A=Attentive to all his patents regardless of your insurance everybody is treated the same way with respect

T=Tremendous as a Surgeon he has perfect bedside manners and that is hard to find in a Doctor

K=Knowledgeable of all the new technology during/after surgery that will help you after any procedures that was perform on a person

E=Exceptional good in what he do best and that is to be the best surgeon in the world

N=Noticeable of all details that may or may not happen

S=Super surgeon

O= Observation

N=natural and honest with you to make the best decision for you to have a speedy cover.

Thank you are the best

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